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UST Global hiring for various positions.

UST Global Recruitment:

Developer III – Software Engineering

Experience: 3+ Years

Location: Coimbatore

Measures of Outcomes:

  • Adherence to engineering process and standards (coding standards).
  • Adherence to schedule / timelines.
  • Adhere to SLAs where applicable.
  • Number of defects post delivery.
  • Number of non-compliance issues.
  • Reduction of reoccurrence of known defects.
  • Quick turnaround of production bugs.
  • Meet the defined productivity standards for project.
  • Number of reusable components created.
  • Completion of applicable technical/domain certifications.
  • Completion of all mandatory training requirements.

Skill Examples:

  • Explain and communicate the design / development to the customer.
  • Perform and evaluate test results against product specifications.
  • Develop user interfaces business software components and embedded software components 5 Manage and guarantee high levels of cohesion and quality6 Use data models.
  • Estimate effort and resources required for developing / debugging features / components.
  • Perform and evaluate test in the customer or target environment.
  • Team Player.
  • Good written and verbal communication abilities.
  • Proactively ask for help and offer help.

Knowledge Examples:

  • Appropriate software programs / modules.
  • Technical designing.
  • Programming languages.
  • Operating Systems and software platforms.
  • Integrated development environment (IDE).
  • Agile methods.
  • Knowledge of customer domain and sub domain where problem is solved.

Additional Comments:

Skill required: Power BI MSBI SQL Developer

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Data Analyst + Python + Power BI + Azure

Experience: 3+ Years

Location: Hyderabad


UST is looking for a Data analyst who is capable of handling following responsibilities:

  • Design, build and launch collections of sophisticated data analysis and visualizations.
  • Leverage data and analytics to identify actionable insights and suggest recommendations through effective communication.
  • Collaborate with data engineers, product managers, and business partners to understand data needs and present key data insights visually.
  • Work closely with Data Engineers on the team to identify data sources, build scalable data models, and operationalize the data analytics.
  • Work on business problems of diverse scope and demonstrate good judgment in selecting analytics methods and techniques for obtaining solutions.
  • Influence business and cross-functional teams to identify data analytics opportunities to drive impact.


  • A degree (preferably an advanced degree) in Computer Science, Engineering or a related field.
  • 3+ years of industry experience in developing data visualizations and providing data insights, preferably in an operational business domain.
  • Strong programming experience using SQL and Python.
  • Expertise in custom data ETL and data visualization tools (such as Tableau and Power BI).
  • Comfortable with Azure eco-system.

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Jr. QA Engineer

Experience: 3+ Years

Location: Hyderabad


  • Analyse Recommend and Implement testing practices in projects.
  • Assess existing tools/frameworks and propose enhancements.
  • Customize and Implement Testing Tools and Frameworks.
  • Define Test Strategy for a Program.
  • Conduct Technical Review of Projects and Identify risks/issues.
  • Drive the capture and delivery of Test Metrics.

Measures of Outcomes:

  • Test Coverage.
  • Test Automation Coverage.
  • Savings from Optimization.
  • Savings from Automation.
  • Defect Removal efficiency.
  • No: of Kaizens initiated and implemented.
  • Cost savings for the customer.
  • Cost saving from carrying out Test Optimization exercise.
  • Continuous service improvements.

Outputs Expected:

Test Strategy:

  1. Define and implement test strategy.
  2. Define and baseline tool strategies.
  3. Define and document test environment and test data strategies.
  4. Perform feasibility study for recommended solutions.

Test Reporting:


  • Create strategies for test optimization.
  • Carry out gap analysis and identify improvement areas.
  • Identify program goals and define KPI’s and SLA’s.
  • Identify and implement industry wide best practices.

Test Planning:

  • Perform test maturity assessments.
  • provide recommendations and define roadmaps.
  • Identify candidate for automation by prioritization.

Skill Examples:

  • Ability to define test strategies.
  • Ability to manage and evaluate the test tools and frameworks.
  • Ability to create re-usable assets.
  • Ability to identify test practice gaps and provide recommendations.
  • Ability to perform test maturity assessments.
  • Ability to define service improvement roadmaps.

Knowledge Examples:

  • Knowledge of Automation Techniques.
  • Knowledge of Testing methodologies.
  • Knowledge of Test Automation tools and frameworks.
  • Knowledge of Automation ROI analysis.
  • Knowledge of industry wide KPI’s.
  • Knowledge of Test Data and Test Env requirement identification.

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